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Using blogging software to create website

Setting up a website might be a very technical thing to for one to do. Since now it’s the most import thing for a business to set up it has to be done well. A good website reflects and says a lot about the companies.

A small business could create websites for each of its product lines, and build each site with blogging software, then link them all together to a main sales site. New product announcements, FAQ, customer support, description of features etc. is all handled in a snap. And more importantly it does not even look like a conventional blog site, the structure of the site is just like a normal website but in a way have all the benefits of a blog with having RSS feeds, visits from search engines as well as indexing.

The blog is embedded into the website seamlessly, and retains the ease and functionality of a blog, without looking like one. The site retains all the benefits of a blog – easy, frequent updates, a conversational tone, the ability to interact with site visitors and customers right on the site, and the ability to use pinging and blog directory announcements, etc.

One of the basic differences between blogs and websites is that blogs are dynamic whereas websites are usually static. Bloggers update their blogs frequently and thus new posts are added to the blog which show publishing dates some where near the title. You can easily use blogging platforms like Blogger.com to create a blog with unlimited space and bandwidth. On the other hand, if you want to start a website with a new domain and host it may cost some dollars per month, depending upon the bandwidth usage.