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Toyota and Nissan: Trailing in Large Pickup Trucks

The Japanese makers lured truck buyers who resemble car owners rather than die-hard truck lovers. Now sales of large pickups such as GM’s Chevrolet Silverado and Ford’s F-150 are rebounding, and Toyota and Nissan Motor’s failure to attract the truly devoted pickup buyers’ means less cash in their coffers.

Toyota’s full-size Tundra, which starts at $23,455, attracts a different type of buyer group which does not really exist for Toyota, They claim they are not in the market to unseat the biggies like GM or Ford and therefore set a modest target of about 200,000 cars and similarly Nissan hoped to sell at least 100,000 units of it Titan Truck.

Unless the biggies in the truck market blow it or back out there is no way Toyota or Nissan can penetrate that market even though Toyota being commanding in the America’s passenger car. First of all the companies do not understand the target market since it’s a completely different market and also the fact that the particular truck market being a fairly old market. Secondly anyone who buys a truck is due to a particular need and would definitely go for Chevrolet or a Ford because of its decades of good service.

By contrast, GM has sold an average of 825,007 large pickups annually over the past decade, including the Chevy Silverado and Avalanche models and the GMC Sierra. Ford’s F-Series models averaged 724,478, and Dodge Ram models averaged 339,448, according to IHS.

Despite commanding America’s passenger car market, Japan’s Toyota has failed to attract traditional truck buyers to its large pickups.