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Search Engine Ranking: Long Term Or Short Term?

Search is an option which has changed our lives in many ways. The approach towards many things has changed and we can’t think of living without a Search option on the internet. Now business have taken totally different advantage altogether, finding new ways to promote their business. If you do a search in Google for your keyword, you will notice the results are split into two sections: Sponsored Listings (along the top and down the right hand side), and the Free Results (also called the Organic Results) down the main centre of the page. The Sponsored Listings are paid advertisements, and the Free Results are the results from the search engine database.

Search engine marketing involves a combination of free website submissions and paid search engine listings, to ensure your website reaches customers using search engines to research purchase decisions.

In Long term it is difficult to guarantee a top position. A lot of work time and effort is required in this process. Website coding is one in which your site is optimised and also increasing the number of inbound links to your website (link popularity), which is also crucial for high search engine ranking.

Because it can take quite some time for changes to take effect, it can often take 3-6 months of work (or even more for new sites) before you begin to see noticeable changes. The long term benefits, however, are very good, because your site is then much better positioned in the free search results, which then provides ongoing free traffic well into the future.

For short term if businesses need to be on the first page of results immediately, then you can take out sponsored listings (called Google Adwords). There are several ways of doing it. One way is pay per click. It is literally free to list your ad in first page of the results but the business needs to pay for per click ad visited. The amount usually depends upon what is specified. Ads are usually ranked according to bid price (although other factors are involved).

The advantage of Google Adwords is that you can be on the first page of results very quickly. The disadvantage is that the benefits are short term. As soon as you stop spending, your ads come offline.

So depending upon your business you need choose which approach would you choose for your business. Option one which is long term provides better results on the long run. Where as option 2 which is short term provides instant results and also a good option for a particular segment.

What method would choose for your business…???


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